Guinea Fowl Puffer

Guinea Fowl Puffer
Length: Grows up to 12 inches long.

Foods: Feeds meaty foods such as: chopped squid, scallops, and krill.

Reef Compatibility: Not Reef Safe. Guinea Fowl Puffers do not bother corals, but will eat smaller fish, crabs, clams, ornamental shrimp, and other motile invertebrates.

Water Conditions: Temp. 73-78F. Salinity 27-31ppt or 1.020-1.023, pH 8.1-8.4

Special Needs: Needs a large tank, a hardy fish, a very rare fish and can be placed with other puffers. with fluctuations in temperature,salinity and pH.

Special Needs: Do not keep this fish with triggers, puffers or large angels, this fish needs caves to hide in and keep only one per tank.